Nico Tortorella

Nico Tortorella: Ashton Kutcher one scolded me for doing drugs

'Younger' star Nico Tortorella says Ashton Kutcher once yelled at them for doing drugs, which they describe as a "wake up call".

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper: Two kids are 'way harder' than one!

Chance the Rapper finds having two kids "way harder" than one, after his wife Kirsten gave birth to their second daughter last month.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland: My chronic illness happened for a reason

Sarah Hyland thinks her chronic illness "happened for a reason", after she was born with kidney dysplasia - a condition in which the kidneys don't fully develop in the womb.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry blame feud on zodiac signs

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry blame their zodiac signs for their feud, because their opposing signs mean they communicate in different ways.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis is honest with her daughter

Viola Davis wants to be honest with her daughter about her own upbringing in poverty, and how she will "make mistakes" in her life.