Beanie Feldstein

Beanie Feldstein fell 'specifically' for Bonnie Chance Roberts

Beanie Feldstein fell for Bonnie Chance Roberts "specifically" and the producer's gender was irrelevant.

Beanie Feldstein fell for Bonnie Chance Roberts "specifically".

The 26-year-old actress hadn't prioritised relationships before she met the producer, and the fact her partner was female was just an afterthought to her.

She said: "It just wasn't something I thought about or craved. [Then I met Bonnie and thought] 'Whoa! Now I get it.... I get why people write songs.'

"Not to sound flippant, but I was in love with her and all of her, and she's a woman. That's not scaring me or deterring me. And it wasn't just women in general; it was her specifically."

The 'Booksmart' star learned a lot about the wider world thanks to an Intro to Sociology class she took at college.

She told Teen Vogue magazine: "[It was like] taking a pin and popping the bubble I'd grown up in. It was literally like, PING!"

In her first class, the students were asked to write down how they identified.

She remembered: "Nobody had ever asked me that.

"[I started reading about] gender, and sexuality, and race, and class, and all of these institutions that are layered on top of us at all times."

Beanie was "moved" when Sam Smith recently announced an intention to use 'they/them' pronouns and she thinks such "stories" can only help people embrace their identity publicly.

She said: "I was so moved by that. The more stories we have, both personal and just adds to the effing conversation."

The 'Lady Bird' actress feels a sense of kinship when she meets female fans.

She said: "If I see two girls running and holding hands towards me, [it feels like] becoming friends with someone in line at a concert. You know you love the same things."